Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Buile Suibhne (Author: [unknown])

paragraph 21


    1. Cold is the snow to-night,
      lasting now is my poverty,
      there is no strength in me for fight,
      famine has wounded me, madman as I am.

    2. p.31

    3. All men see that I am not shapely,
      bare of thread is my tattered garment,
      Suibhne of Ros Earcain is my name,
      the crazy madman am I.
    4. I rest not when night comes,
      my foot frequents no trodden way,
      I bide not here for long,
      the bonds of terror come upon me.
    5. My goal lies beyond the teeming main,
      voyaging the prow-abounding sea;
      fear has laid hold of my poor strength,
      I am the crazy one of Glen Bolcain.
    6. Frosty wind tearing me,
      already snow has wounded me,
      the storm bearing me to death
      from the branches of each tree.
    7. Grey branches have wounded me,
      they have torn my hands;
      the briars have not left
      the making of a girdle for my feet.
    8. There is a palsy on my hands,
      everywhere there is cause of confusion,
      from Sliabh Mis to Sliabh Cuillenn,
      from Sliabh Cuillenn to Cuailgne.
    9. Sad forever is my cry
      on the summit of Cruachan Aighle,
      from Gien Bolcain to Islay,
      from Cenn Tire to Boirche.

    10. p.33

    11. Small is my portion when day comes,
      it comes not as a new day's right (?),
      a tuft of watercress of Cluain CiIle
      with Cell Cua's cuckoo flower.
    12. He who is at Ros Earcach,
      neither trouble nor evil shall come to him;
      that which makes me strengthless
      is being in snow in nakedness.