Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Buile Suibhne (Author: [unknown])

paragraph 16


    1. How is that, O slender Suibhne?
      thou wert leader of many hosts;
      the day the iniquitous battle was fought
      at Magh Rath thou wert most comely.
    2. Like crimson or like beautiful gold
      was thy noble countenance after feasting,
      like down or like shavings
      was the faultless hair of thy head.
    3. Like cold snow of a single night
      was the aspect of thy body ever;
      blue-hued was thine eye, like crystal,
      like smooth, beautiful ice.
    4. Delightful the shape of thy feet,
      not powerful methinks was thy chieftainship;
      thy fortunate weapons—they could draw blood—
      were swift in wounding.
    5. Colum Cille offered thee
      Heaven and kingship, O splendid youth,
      eagerly (?) thou hast come into the plain
      from the chief prophet of Heaven and earth.

    6. p.21

    7. Said Colum Cille,
      steadfast prophet of truth,
      'as many of you as come over the strong flood
      will not all return from Erin.'
    8. I offered Congal Claon
      when we were together
      the blessing of all the men of Erin;
      great was the mulct for one egg.
    9. If thou wilt not accept that from me,
      O fair Congal, son of Scannal,
      what judgment then—deed of great moment—
      wilt thou pass upon me?


    1. (These) will I accept from thee if thou deemest it well:
      give me thy two sons,
      thy hand from thee, likewise thy stately wife,
      thy daughter and thy eye blue-starred.


    1. Thou shalt not have but spear to spear,
      I shall be evermore lying in wait for you,
      this is our speech about the bondage;
      take thou the full of my curse!
    2. Thy body will be a feast for birds of prey,
      ravens will be on thy heavy silence,
      a fierce, black spear shall wound thee,
      and thou shalt be laid on thy back, destitute.
    3. My bane from land to land
      art thou alone beyond each king,
      yet I have befriended thee
      since the day thy mother brought thee forth.

    4. p.23

    5. 'Tis there the battle was fought—
      at the stead in Magh Rath—
      there was a drop on a gleaming sword;
      so fell Congal Claon.