Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Buile Suibhne (Author: [unknown])

paragraph 6


    1. Suibhne, son of Colman, has
      outraged me, he has dragged me with him by the hand,
      to leave Cell Luinne with him,
      that I should be for a time absent from it.
    2. He came to me in his swift course
      on hearing my bell;
      he brought with him vast, awful
      wrath to drive me out, to banish me.
    3. Loth was I to be banished here from
      the place where I first settled
      though loth was I, God has been
      able to prevent it.
    4. He let not my hand out of his until
      lie heard the loud cry which said to
      him: ‘Come to the battle, Domnall’
      has reached famous Magh Rath.
    5. Good has come to me therefrom,
      not to him did I give thanks for it
      when tidings of the battle came for
      him to join the high prince.
    6. From afar he approached the battle
      whereby were deranged his sense and reason,
      he will roam through Erin as a stark madman,
      and it shall be by a spear-point he will die.

    7. p.9

    8. He seized my psalter in his hand,
      he cast it into the full lake,
      Christ brought it to me without a blemish,
      so that no worse was the psalter.
    9. A day and a night in the full lake,
      nor was the speckled..white [book] the worse;
      through the will of God's Son
      an otter gave it to me again.
    10. As for the psalter that he seized in his hand,
      I bequeath to the race of Colman
      that it will be bad for the race of fair Colman
      the day they shall behold the psalter.
    11. Stark-naked he has come here
      to wring my heart, to chase me;
      on that account God will cause
      that Suibhne shall ever naked be.
    12. Eorann, daughter of Conn of Ciannacht,
      strove to hold him by his cloak;
      my blessing on Eorann therefor,
      and my curse on Suibhne.