Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Destruction of Dind Ríg (Author: [unknown])

paragraph 29

And 'tis of this that Ferchertne the poet said: ‘Dind Ríg, which had been Tuaim Tenbath,’ etc. i. e. Máin Ollam he was at first, Labraid Moen afterwards, but Labraid the Exile, since he went into exile, when he gained a realm as far as the Ictian Sea, and brought the many foreigners with him (to Ireland), to wit, two thousand and two hundred foreigners with broad lances in their hands, from which the Laigin (Leinstermen) are so called.

This is the Destruction of Dind Ríg.
Whitley Stokes. Cowes, Isle of Wight.