Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Destruction of Dind Ríg (Author: [unknown])

paragraph 23

Once upon a time, however, when he had taken it, and Cobthach had the full kingship, he induced this Cobthach to do his will and meet his desire. So a house was built by him to receive Cobthach. Passing strong was the house: it was made of iron, both wall and floor and doors.8 A full year were the Leinstermen abuilding it, and father would hide it from son, and mother from daughter, husband from wife, and wife from husband, so that no one heard from another what they were going about, and for whom they were gathering their gear and their fittings. To this refers (the proverb): ‘not more numerous are Leinstermen than (their) secrets.’ Where the house was built was in Dind Ríg.