Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Destruction of Dind Ríg (Author: [unknown])

paragraph 13

Scoríath had a daughter, whose name was Moríath. They were guarding her carefully, for no husband fit for her had been found at once. Her mother was keeping her. The mother's two eyes never slept (at the same time), for one of the two was watching her daughter. Howbeit the damsel loved Labraid. There was a plan between her and him. Scoríath held a great feast for the Men of Morca. This is the plan they made — after the drinking, Craiphtine should play the slumber-strain, so that her mother should fall asleep and Labraid should reach the chamber. Now that came to pass. Craiphtine hid not his harp that night, so that the queen fell asleep, and the (loving) couple came together.