Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
King Eochaid has horse's ears (Author: Unknown)

paragraph 7

After that a certain artist from the land of Munster came to seek Eochaid, a famous harper he was with poems of satire2. He happened to come along the road where the enclosure of the saplings was, and he and his company were looking at the saplings. Then said one sapling to another: ‘Eochaid, the man of the shield, has two horse's ears.’ Three times they said that. ‘That is a good strain for our harp,’ said the harper, and he spoke these verses:
    1. 1] The conversation of the saplings,
      2] (We were not loth at the swift talking,)
      3] Would make a strain for my harp
      4] So that it would be a noble famous strain.
    2. 5] Eochaid, the man of the bounding shield,
      6] Two horse's ears have cleaved to him,
      7] That was the conversation of the healthy saplings,
      8] The fruit of whispers and converse.