Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
King Eochaid has horse's ears (Author: Unknown)

paragraph 6

On another day, at the end of a year, the host and Mac


Dichoime went to the same place where he had fallen, and where he had vomited forth his secret, and he informs the host: ‘Here,’ he said, ‘was I cured, and vomited three streams of blood,’ and he uttered these quatrains:
    1. 1] Here was cured
      2] The son of Dichoim
      3] By vomiting forth his secret (a rough stream)
      4] Regarding the terrible fierce Eochaid.
    2. 5] When I went to seek my cure,
      6] After a year, I had kept a secret,
      7] Which had thrown me into a wasting,
      8] Into feebleness and into an evil state.
    3. 9] Streams of blood (I felt the better of it)
      10] Poured forth over my lips, from my nose,
      11] My God has ordained them to be trees.
      12] So that they are now seen here.
Then the hosts saw three straight saplings, and knew not who...1 He let the host pass on before him, and stayed behind to make a circular enclosure about them, and when he had ended and finished his work he went after the host.