Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
King Eochaid has horse's ears (Author: Unknown)

paragraph 3

Now the queen's name was mentioned in that wise in connection with that of the gentle fair son of Dichoim, so that everybody heard of it. And the king also heard it, and was jealous of his brother's son, and wished to kill him.


However, he thought it a shame to kill him through jealousy. So he sent messengers to him, inviting him to come with him to visit a certain wilderness. And for two reasons he sent for him above every one else, for he wished to be shaved (the time of shaving having come), and to wreak and avenge his anger and jealousy upon him afterwards when he had been shaved. The hosts thought that a great disgrace, for they were sure that the fair son of Dichoim would not come back after having shaved the king, just as no one had ever come back.