Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
King Eochaid has horse's ears (Author: Unknown)

paragraph 2

Now, the king had his brother's son in his household. His name was Angus; however, he was not called so, but Mac Dichoime, for Dichoim (i.e. Unlovely) was his mother's name, and from her the son was so called. For the mother was a good woman, though she was unlovely. He was a splendid, keen, ingenious youth, and it was he who would shave the hosts, and who possessed the an of grooming their horses. He also used to rivet their spears and javelins and blades and sharp broad lances; and he would entertain them by piping and timpan-playing, by lays and songs, by wanton and satirical poems. Likewise he was quick and ready and nimble at swimming and at the chase. He was renowned in the arts of arms and weapons, so that he was a special favourite in the love and affection of men and women. And the queen herself, the wife of Eochaid, did not abhor his stories, and would have consented to lie with him, if that had been her husband's pleasure as much as her own.