Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Táin Bó Cúalnge from the Book of Leinster (Author: [unknown])

section 24

Here now is the tale Imroll Belaig Eóin

Then came to them Fiacha Fíaldána of the Ulstermen to have speech with the son of his mother's sister, namely, Mane Andóe of the Connachtmen, and he came accompanied by Dubthach Dóel


{line 2451-2485} Ulad. Mane Andóe moreover came accompanied by Dóche mac Mágach. When Dóche mac Mágach saw Fiacha Fíaldána, he cast a spear at him straightaway and it went through his own friend Dubthach Dóel Ulad. Fiacha cast a spear at Dócha mac Mágach and it went through his own kinsman Maine Andóe of the Connachtmen. Then said the men of Ireland: ‘A badly aimed cast’ said they, ‘was what befell the men, each of them wounding his own friend and relation’. So that is the miscast at Belach Eóin. And another name for it is Another Miscast at Belach Eóin.