Imbas Forosnai. This is the name of a mode of divination thus described in Cormac's glossary, written about 900 A.D. ‘The Imbas Forosnai sets forth whatever seems good to the seer (file) and what he desires to make known. It is done thus. The seer chews a piece of red flesh of a pig, or a dog, or a cat, and then places it on a flagstone behind the door. He sings an incantation over it, offers it to the false gods, and then calls them to him. And he leaves them not on the next day, and chants then on his two hands, and again calls his false gods to him, lest they should disturb his sleep. And he puts his two hands over his two cheeks till he falls asleep. And they watch by him lest no one overturn him and disturb him till everything he wants to know is revealed to him, to the end of nine days or of twice or thrice that time, or however long he was judged at the offering.’

From The Wooing of Emer by Cú Chulainn (Author: [unknown]), p.303 (paragraph 78.) Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
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