Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Vision of Laisrén (Author: [unknown])

paragraph 5

An angel of the great host answered the demon on behalf of the soul and said ‘Now thou hast charged thy whole charge.’ The demon answered and said: ‘I have not. I have not charged the greater part of it.’ The angel answered: ‘Thy charge can do us no harm, since before leaving the body it has been confessed and atoned for by penance according to the will of a confessor. Be off!’ said the angel, ‘You have no share in this man.’ ‘If God's word be true,’ said the demon, ‘we shall not part this way; for this man has not made a little child of himself as God commanded him’ dicens: Nisi conuersi fueritis et efficiamini sicut paruuli, non intrabitis in regnum caelorum.’’

Matth. 18, 3.

‘God's word is true,’ said the angel, ‘for this man has not come
to stay with demons, for he will give warning before us to his friends.’5 ‘Depart from us now!’ said the angel. Forthwith they departed from them.