Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The fifteen tokens of Doomsday (Author: [unknown])

section 47

Then seven Glories are bestowed on the bodies of the righteous, and seven glories on their souls. These are the seven Glories of those bodies, Claritatem, that is brightness, for the bodies of those that arise on that day will be seven times brighter than the sun: Velocitatem, that is, speed, for the bodies of those that arise will be swifter than wind: Fortitudinem, that is strength: Libertatem, that is freedom: Voluntatem, that is, will, for their will and the Lord's shall be the same: Sanitatem, that is, health, for throughout eternity they will suffer no disease or sickness: Immortalitatem, that is, immortality, for in their case they will never have separation of body and soul.