Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Tidings of the Resurrection (Author: [unknown])

section 23

Or again, they were called 'spiritual' by the apostle in this wise: since they will be changed beyond out of the misery and corruption and the ugliness in which they are into the glory and the splendour, into the brightness and the beauty, of the incorruptible existence and of the immortal life in which they will abide for ever. And yet not the same will be the beauty of all the bodies of the saints beyond, since even the reward will not be the same. But even as the splendour of the sun and moon and the splendour of the stars are different, and also (the splendour) of each star from another, even so the reward of the righteous will be different after the Resurrection; and therefore they will possess different stations in heaven according to their different deserts.