Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Tidings of the Resurrection (Author: [unknown])

section 14

Or again, there is an opinion that the Lord there will form the bodies of the Resurrection of the substance that will please Him, whatever be the largeness or the smallness in which that substance may be, that is, of what remained of the human body in the man before death, just as He builds up at present the large bodies from the little seeds, and also as at the primal creation of the elements He has built up the vast bodies from the invisible principle (?) and from the incorporeal principle (?) which the elements, from which those bodies have been created, held latent within them. For it is possible for God to build up without substance or with little substance any material or any structure that He pleases. Wherefore the author would say that Jesus did not think of the excess of the hairs or of the nails, or of any other member. And it is possible for God to renew the completeness of their proper form and nature without gathering again that excess into the body. Howbeit 'tis hard that any member in the body, or any part thereof, should be omitted from the punishment and the condemnation it deserves through its consent to sin, or from the reward it merits through its consent to a good deed.