Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Tidings of the Resurrection (Author: [unknown])

section 13

Or again, if, as is the opinion of some, it is into themselves only that the excess of the hairs and the nails is turned—for it is likely that the excess of every member would be gathered and compressed into itself, so that in this member itself one would receive whatever punishment or reward one deserves through the consent and cooperation of that member—we are to believe that the Lord will, through the unspeakable science of the Divine wisdom, condense and compress in the Resurrection the corrupt bodies of men into the slenderness


and tenuity of the incorruptible substance and of their spiritual nature, after separating and dividing them from every defilement, according to that example and analogy of the ingots which, through the science of human wisdom, are caused to be condensed and compressed into the slenderness and tenuity of their proper body, after every defilement and every dross has been expelled from them.