Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Tidings of the Resurrection (Author: [unknown])

section 8

It is then asked, since all human beings will arise out of death, in what age or form will their resurrection be? And the apostle deals with that question when he says: ‘All men’, quoth the apostle, ‘will arise out of death in the likeness of the age and form of Christ.’ Three years and thirty were completed by Christ, and in the likeness of that age He arose out of death. At the age of Christ, then, the apostle says that all men will arise, but not in His size, that is, not equal in bulk to His body, for it is not certain that all the bodies of the Resurrection will be of equal size. Christ, however, will abide for ever, without addition or diminution, in the form and in the bulk in which He appeared to His apostles after (His) resurrection; and it is therefore that all men will arise at the same age, to wit, at the age of thirty.6 Howbeit, they will have in their bodies varying size and unequal bulk, in accordance with the likeness and the nature of the times and the countries in which they have been born.