Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Tidings of the Resurrection (Author: [unknown])

section 4

Then all the men who are in graves will hear the voice of the Son of God. It may be a corporeal voice that Jesus would here utter to be heard by the dead, to wit, the voice of the archangel Michael who will come to proclaim the Resurrection generally to the human race, so that he says to them thrice: ‘Arise ye all out of death!’ Or it is an incorporeal voice that Jesus here utters to be heard by the dead, to wit,


the spiritual command and the unspeakable power of the Lord, which no creature can avoid. By that command all men will arise out of death, to wit, whomsoever earth has swallowed, and beasts have devoured, and water has drowned,3 and fire has burnt; and also those that have been dissolved, according to the nature of the elements of which they were formed. All those will arise out of death in the flashing of a single hour,4 and each of them will take his own soul into union with his proper body, and they will afterwards remain alive for ever.