Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Tidings of Doomsday (Author: [unknown])

section 17

Another troop of them will be brought to judgment, and they will go after their judgment unto reward. These are they that here make earnest repentance through grief of heart, and amend their former evils through virtues and fair deeds, and then they give alms of food and of raiment to the poor in honour of the Lord, and these hide the sins they have before committed, and the Lord remembers not for them there the evils they did here. It is to these that the Lord will say on Doomsday, calling them to Him unto heaven. ‘Come now, O Blessed, to inhabit the heavenly kingdom!’ This, then, is the name of that troop in the holy scripture boni non valde, that is, 'good who are not greatly good'.