Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Muirchú's Life of Patrick (Author: Muirchú maccu Machtheni)

Chapter 13


II 13 (11). (1) At the time of holy Patrick's death bitter contention for his relics, leading even to war, between the Uí Neill and the Airthir on the one hand and the Ulaid on the other—tribes at one time neighbourly and friendly, now bitter enemies—came to breaking-point. (2) However, in order to prevent the shedding of blood, through the merits of Patrick and the mercy of God, an inlet called Druimm Bó rose high with swirling waves, and the crests of the waves burst into the hollow air and the quivering billows of the high flood rushed along as in a race, now surging up and now falling, and as if it were to check the animosity of the fierce tribes—for fierce they are—the wild sea rose and stopped the people from fighting.