Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Muirchú's Life of Patrick (Author: Muirchú maccu Machtheni)

Chapter 3


II 3. (1) Patrick had made it a habit not to travel from the evening of the Lord's night (i.e. Saturday night) until Monday morning. Once on a Sunday, when he was spending the night in a field in honour of the holy day, heavy rain and storm set in. But while the heavy rain raged in the whole country, the place where the holy bishop spent the night was dry, as had happened (in the story of) the shell and fleece of Gideon.

(2) (Patrick's) charioteer came to him and told him he had lost his horses and lamented for them as he would lament for dear friends,


unable as he was to search for them because he could not see in the dark. This aroused the charity of the kind father, Patrick, and he said to the weeping charioteer: ‘God, a ready helper in trial, in inconvenient times, will send help at once, and you shall find the horses for which you lament.’ (3) Then he pulled up his sleeve, stretched out his hand, and raised it, and his five fingers, like lights, lit up the surroundings, and in the light of (Patrick's) stretched-out hand the charioteer found the horses he had lost, and ceased his lamentation. However, the charioteer who accompanied him kept this miracle secret until Patrick's death.