Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Miracles of Senan (Author: Charles Plummer)

chapter 7

{editor's section 14}

Another time thieves came to the booley of the community, , and they took a single heifer belonging to a noble elder of the place ; and they carried it off to a remote spot, and killed it, and hid the hide, and the calf that was in its womb, in a hole in a bog, . The (loss of the) heifer was cried after this, but no one confessed to the theft. And the senior, that is the priest O'Huiginn, besought God and Senan to make known to him about his cow. At the end of a month the aforesaid thieves came to the hole in the bog where they had left the hide and calf of the cow, and took them out of the hole. And when they unwrapped the hide, the calf stood up, and bellowed three times. And great was the astonishment and horror of the thieves at this, and they prostrated themselves before God and Senan, and came to the priest, and offered him his own terms. And they promised not to do anything displeasing to Senan till doom.