Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Miracles of Senan (Author: Charles Plummer)

chapter 6

{editor's section 13}

On another occasion Mathgamhan son of Domnall, son of Muirchertach, went to carry off forcibly some cattle that were at Carnaun under the protection of Senan's coarb. And proceeded through the booley of the community. And a hue and cry was raised; and the coarb came at the top of his speed in pursuit of the protected cattle (lit. protection)--[gt ] and the community also, and a sharp struggle took place between them in the midst of the community's booley. And Mathgamain


himself discharged two arrows at the coarb, and they hit him, but did not pierce even his clothing. And when Mathgamain saw the coarb escaping, he himself attacked the cattle and killed a heifer. But the clerks got off with the rest of the cattle. Mathgamain remained in the place that night; and was attacked by a severe illness, so that he died . And a quarter of the heifer which he killed, and its skin remained, and remains there from that time forth as a memorial.