Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Miracles of Senan (Author: Charles Plummer)

chapter 5

{editor's section 12}

Once upon a time Donnchad son of Domnall son of Brian Roe (the red) assumed the chiefship of Corcovaskin, and he quartered his bands and bonaghts in on the land, and so many were his kernes and attendants that the bonaghts would find out (lit. reach) three cows that existed in the land. And as if that was not enough for them, Donnchad O'Brien himself went to outrage the churches of Senan, and to carry off their cattle from them whether they


would or no. And he came to Kilnagalliach, and to Kilcredaun, and to Ros an Airceil, and plundered them. When the coarb of Senan heard this, he sent for the other coarb, and all the clerks who were in the land and in that place of Senan. And they brought their bells and hand-bells and bachalls, and all their other treasures, and they proceeded to the place where Donnchad was; and they said that unless he gave back all that he had taken from them, they would set God and Senan after him. And he said that he would not make restitution. Then they raised a great noise, clerks, and bells, and hand-bells, and bachalls, so that they perturbed his mind, and confused his brain in his head. He said to them: ‘Receive (my) bonaghts’, said he. ‘We will do so’ said the clerks, ‘and we will set Senan at thee afterwards’. Ten men were quartered on the community of Senan, and as many as they claimed on the coarb, and bonaghts on Mac Sida (steward) of the bell, and on the clerks of Ros na nArc, and on those of Kilnagalliach and Kilcredaun. They remained thus from the festival of Senan to the first festival of Mary. And then Donnchad sent for the bonaghts to ravage in another quarter. And there Donnchad was killed, and ten of his kinsmen who took part with him in the ravaging of Senan, and all the bonaghts. And as for Brian, who did not outrage Senan, he came off safe and sound.