Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Miracles of Senan (Author: Charles Plummer)

chapter 2

{editor's section 6}

Now on another occasion Murchad mac-an-espoic (son of the bishop) O'Brien came to Scattery, and there were boats there. And Murchad wished to carry off a boat by force. So the company of the place and the community mustered in full force, and they and Murchad had a sharp and rough encounter . However, Murchad got off by dint of force after wounding a clerk of the community. Senan came to him that night, and fear and dread and horror seized him at the sight, and he screamed aloud, and began offering his own land and stock to God and to Senan. And his wife and household


overheard this talk, and asked what this conversation might be. And he said: ‘I am offering great terms to Senan, and he does not accept them, and he has struck me with the butt end of his staff above the left breast, and it has gone through me into the ground. And let my will be made now, for assuredly I shall die as the result of my expedition to Scattery at this time.’