Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Life of St. Declan of Ardmore (Author: Patrick Power)

chapter 40

When it was made known to a certain holy man, scil.:—Ailbe of Emly Iubar, chief bishop of Munster, that his last days had come, he said to his disciples: ‘Beloved brethren, I wish, before I die, to visit my very dear fellow worker, scil.:—Declan.’ After this Ailbe set out on the journey and an angel of God came to Declan notifying him that Ailbe was on his way to visit him. On the angel's notification Declan ordered his disciples to prepare the house for Ailbe's coming. He himself went to meet Ailbe as far as the place which is called Druim Luctraidh. Thence they came home together and Ailbe, treated with great honour by Declan and his people, stayed fourteen pleasant days. After


that the aged saint returned home again to his own city, scil.:—to Emly Iubar. Declan came and many of his people, escorting Ailbe, to Druim Luchtradh, and Ailbe bade him return to his own city. The two knew they should not see one another in this world ever again. In taking leave of one another, therefore, they shed plentiful tears of sorrow and they instituted an everlasting compact and league between their successors in that place. Ailbe moreover blessed the city of Declan, his clergy and people and Declan did the same for Ailbe and they kissed one another in token of love and peace and each returned to his own city.