Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Life of St. Declan of Ardmore (Author: Patrick Power)

chapter 37

On another occasion, as Declan was travelling in the northern part of Magh Femhin beside the Suir, he met there a man who was carrying a little infant to get it baptised. Declan said to the people (his muinntear, or following): 'Wait here till


I baptise yonder child,' for it was revealed by the Holy Ghost to him that he (the babe) should serve God. The attendant replied to him that they had neither a vessel nor salt for the baptism. Declan said: ‘We have a wide vessel, the Suir, and God will send us salt, for this child is destined to become holy and wonderful (in his works).’ Thereupon Declan took up a fistful of earth and, making prayer in his heart to God, he signed the clay with the sign of the cross of redemption. It (the handful of earth) became white, dry salt, and all, on seeing it, gave thanks and honour to God and Declan. The infant was baptised there and the name of Ciaran given him. Declan said: ‘Bring up my spiritual son carefully and send him, at a fitting age, for education to a holy man who is well instructed in the faith for he will become a shining bright pillar in the Church.’ And it was this child, Ciaran Mac Eochaidh, who founded in after years a famous monastery (from which he migrated to heaven) and another place (monastery) besides. He worked many miracles and holy signs and this is the name of his monastery Tiprut and this is where it is:—in the western part of the Decies in Ui Faithe between Slieve Grot and Sieve Cua and it is within the bishopric of Declan.