Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Life of Naile (Author: [unknown])

section 15

So then Naile said:


    1. Luan above every child (luan)
      Till doom, though it be difficult;
      King over these clans,
      Until thou shalt oppose me.

As he said:

    1. I grant grace of kingship
      And lordship of land
      To thee, O Luan, henceforth,
      Until thou oppose me by withholding (my dues).

And the youth flushed at this, and said: 'Wherefore should I oppose thee, O holy clerk? ' And Naile said: 'In the withholding of my baptism-penny (fee) from my holy clerks by thyself and thy descendants. ' And Luan said joyfully: 'Set forth thyself diligently whatever is due for good baptism; and let the holy clerks be sureties and witnesses of the tribute from now till doom without contradiction.'

And Naile spoke these words while enumerating the tribute:

    1. Here is the price of thy tending,
      O youthful Luan of the crimson weapons,
      For thy rescue from the rude devil
      To the excellent Trinity;
      And for the kingship of thy mighty race
      Over the borders of many-harboured Erne.
    2. Of thyself and thy descendants
      The bright bell of Naile claims
      At the beginning of every battle
      (To go) before you in very deed.
    3. Your enemies shall not prevail
      Against you in battle or strife for mastery,
      If there be (on you) without contention
      The ringing of my valiant bell.
    4. It will be safe from newly-whetted weapons,
      I myself and my miracles will interpose
      Between you and every blow
      Which is discharged against you from red arms.

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    6. Maintain my valiant tribute
      To me duly and zealously,
      And your great dominion will not be ruined
      Till the end of this bad age.
    7. Here to thee is the compact tribute
      Which I claim of thy kindreds:
      The first foal of every mare;
      The first pigling of every sow;
      The first calf of every smoothe-horned cow;
      The first lamb of every single sheep;
    8. A full-grown beef of every lasting capture
      In the raids on your neighbours;
      Or if its heavy capture be in (your) land,
      It is a beef of three handfuls which I am wont
      To receive from thee and from thy descendants;
      The fun of a hand in its fair horn,
      The full of a fist in its lasting hoofs,
      The full of a palm in its lasting tail.
    9. I claim also justly
      A (drinking) horn for every stout hoop
      Of vat and compact tun,
      And a sheaf of every (kind of) flourishing wheat;
      A share of distribution thereafter
      To everyone of our noble clergy;
      I claim also with strong evidence
      A roll of butter from every great churning.
    10. I claim a scruple of fair puberty
      From every member of thy families,
      Whether boy or grown maiden;
      A gold penny at the naming of it (i.e. baptism),
      Or six (pence) of refined silver;
      A triumphant marriage scruple
      Is due to me from every good marriage
      Of the seed of Luan the rapid ravager.
    11. I claim an Easter(-due) valiantly
      From every chief of a stalwart nine
      Of thy seed, O youth of the deadly arms;
      Decay and shortness of wretched life


    12. If they refuse this sacred Easter(-due).
      I take Christ as my guarantee,
      O Luan of the swift weapons,
      To thee and to thy children right after thee.
    13. May your great prosperity be greater
      In food and soft clothing,
      In flocks and treasures,
      If my tax is not withholden.
    14. I declare after this,
      If this great tax be annulled,
      I will bring weakness on you
      Throughout the neighbouring territories;
    15. I will bring sharp-threatening hunger,
      And murrain on good herds,
      And dangerous short life
      To women and to youths,
      Unless thou maintain this fair tax
      Which I claim of thy great race.
    16. O Luan, son of Irgalach,
      Here is the price of thy tendance.