Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Life of Naile (Author: [unknown])

section 13

So then there was convened a conference of meeting and consultation of the clerks of the district assuredly, and of the high saints of Lough Erne without doubt. And there came to attend it Tigernach the long-fair-sided, prompt to recite his hours; Ronan of the appropriate speech, graciously acute; Sinell of the mild appearance, prompt in genuflexion; fair Senach of the liberal arts; and Fergus of the clear-judging advocacy; and Comgall the intelligent of the sacred bells, and many other saints in this general council.

And this is the place where the meeting of the fair clerks took place, at the celebrated weir, the spot where lies the stone of Naile, at which baptism was performed without contradiction. So then preparations were made by Naile, the holy saint, and he went briskly towards the saints at the weir of meeting; and the high saints welcomed Naile and his clergy, and extolled his miracles and mighty works, and the great devotion of the holy clerk.