Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Life of Naile (Author: [unknown])

section 9

    1. 'Slow is thy coming after starting on the way,
      O Naile, it is no deceit;
      Thou didst not find in life
      Molaise of Devenish.'
    2. Naile: 'Since my divine master is gone,
      Molaise, who was gentle of rule,
      The head of all Erin's devotion,
      Who was godly, a right good man.'
    3. The clerks: 'He gave a sign to us before his death,
      Molaise, who ne'er spoke false;
      The one on whom his fair bell should light
      Should be our lord on earth.
    4. Our headship to thee, O heavenly saint,
      O Naile of the fresh form;
      Take the lordship over us for a time,
      That our faith may be well-ordered.'
    5. In Devenish of the sweet bells
      Was Naile, as we know right well,


      He came for the space of nine sweet years,
      To order our rule aright.
    6. Great was his devotion and his right,
      His law was divine and consistent;
      His body was sanctified and good,
      Among the clerks of Devenish.
    7. Thankful were the clerks of Leth Cuinn,
      And the saints of slow Leth Mogha,
      For Naile who loved not riches (lit. kine),
      And for his words gentle and slow.
    8. Slow.