Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Life of Naile (Author: [unknown])

section 6

    1. 'Welcome thy coming from the south,
      O Naile, to our added profit;
      Thou shalt receive, O sweet-voiced saint,
      Our pleasure and our honour.'
    2. Naile answered: 'An angel from heaven enjoined me,
      O devout Colum Cille,
      To beg this abode of thee,
      Wherein my bells and clerks may abide.'
    3. The venerable Colum Cille said:
      'Bless the place in which we are,
      Make a fair pleasant church
      In it, O son of the great king of Munster.'

    4. p.129

    5. Bright Naile arose
      And Colum Cille, 't was a rule-right word,
      And by them the fair place was blessed,
      Both by the youth and the patron saint.
    6. Naile lifted up his hands,
      And prayed to God right boldly,
      That he might receive food and pleasant drink
      For Colum Cille and his clerks.
    7. Full of fish was the whole strand
      (Mighty was the miracle),
      Full too of red wheat
      The strand; 'twas a cause of great praise.
    8. All the clerks genuflected
      At the sight of the miracle,
      The greatness of his wonders side by side,
      And the youth of the boy.
    9. Inber Naile of the ford
      Is its name till the day of doom.
      'I give it,' said Colum of the sighs,
      'To thee, O Naile, and welcome.'