Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Life of Naile (Author: [unknown])


section 1

Once upon a time, a king succeeded to the rule and authority over the two provinces of Munster, to wit, Aengus, son of Nadfraech, son of Corc, son of Lugaid, son of Oilill Flannbec, son of Fiacha Muillethan (thick-neck), son of Eogan Mor (the great), son of Oilill Ólom (crop-ear). And this Aengus succeeded to the full sovereignty of the whole of Leth Mogha (Mogh's half, i.e. Southern Ireland), and reigned over them for thirty-four years. And the consort of this good king was Eithne, daughter of Crimthann the victorious; and it was she who bore to the king the noble offspring, to wit, Eochaid, son of Aengus, who was high king after his father.