Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Life of Mac Creiche (Author: [unknown])

chapter 15


After this their sprightly driving horses were brought to them, and they set out, twelve hundred in number was their company, and Blathmac with thrice fifty sages and seniors together with them. And they left Maeldala and Mac Aiblen and the rest of the saints to protect the land. After this the well-marshalled band set out quickly and eagerly to prevent their land from being further ravaged; and they crossed the stream of the Shannon from this side into the territory of the Ciarraige Luachra, and thence to the brink of Loch Lein. And Blathmac alighted from his chariot when he saw Mac Creiche,


and so did they all; and traversed the plain towards the clerk on their knees; and Mac Creiche welcomed Blathmac, and asked him his news; and Blathmac told him that it was to seek him they had come, he and the nobles together, that he might free them from the distress in which they were, and help them.


And this is how Mac Creiche was at that time, viz. putting the whole territory under a servile rent of hard service to himself and to his monks for ever; and they all said as Blathmac had told them. And Mac Creiche had no one with him but Mainchin only, and the Finnfaidech. And they began to confer amicably; and treasures and much good were promised to him for his help. ‘What sureties shall I have for this promise?’ said Mac Creiche. ‘The tribe (as surety) for the church, and the church for the tribe,’ said Blathmac, ‘and everyone to be at thy will for ever; and thy tribute to be fulfilled to thee every third year, and two scruples for ever and ever from every hearth, and the tax of thy bell every year.’