Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Life of Mac Creiche (Author: [unknown])

chapter 9


Then they bade each other fare-well, Ailbe and Mac Creiche; and Ailbe proceeded to Aran on his pilgrimage; and Mac Creiche remained, serving his cell, for it was a new foundation to him. Then came messengers from the Ciarraige to seek Mac Creiche, that he might go with them to ward off the plague from them, for his mother was of their race. And the plague was the Crom Chonnaill, which was attacking them. Mac Creiche set forth out of affection (for them); and all the Ciarraige were assembled on Magh Ulad to meet him. They all rose up before him, and gave him a right fair welcome. Mac Creiche was taken from his chariot, and he recited the gospels with prayer on their behalf, and preached the word of God to them; and they all fasted that night, Mac Creiche and the Ciarraige; and the next morning Mass was celebrated for them.


Then came three sons of Cuilcenn, that is three sons of


the brother of Mac Creiche's mother, who lived to the east at Rath Muine. As they were coming from the east the Crom Chonnaill overtook them, and the three brothers were slain by it. Mac Creiche raised the Finnfaidech aloft on seeing his kinsmen dead. Nor had they long to wait before they saw a flash of lightning coming from heaven towards them, which fell on the Crom Chonnaill, and reduced it to dust and ashes before the eyes of the multitude. At this wondrous work (fert) they all bent to Mac Creiche; and from this is named Fert of the Children of Cuilcenn and of the Crom Chonnaill on Magh Ulad.