Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Life of Mac Creiche (Author: [unknown])

chapter 6


Then came Ailbe from Imlech Iubair on his way to Aran; and he came to Fidinis, where Mac Creiche was. (And this was not his first name, but Mac croide Ailbe, i.e. son of Ailbe's heart; and the name Mac Creiche was given him, when he obtained the restitution of the northern prey [crech] from Aed son of Eochaid). So then Ailbe begged Mac Creiche to go with him to Aran. And Mac Creiche told him how he had a fetter on him, and whither he had thrown the key.


They remained that night with Mac Creiche; and God sent them each their portion. The following night Ailbe


went to fetch water from a spring in a cliff on the north side of the island. He saw a salmon in the spring, and brought it home with him, and cut it up, and dressed it. And the key was found inside the salmon. Mac Creiche knelt to Ailbe for working this miracle for him. And Ailbe released Mac Creiche; and Mac Creiche went with him to Aran.