Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Life of Fursa (Author: [unknown])

section 10

Now when they drew nigh the aforesaid fire, the angel divided the flame17. But when Fursa reached the passage which the angel had made through the flame18 the devils seized one of the men whom they were burning in the fire, and flung him at Fursa, so that his shoulder and his shoulder-blade and his cheek burnt.19 And Fursa knew the man who had been flung at him, and remembered that the man had formerly given him part of his raiment. However, the holy angel then laid hold of the man and cast him again into the fire. Then said the Devil: ‘Do not cast him away into bondage, for as you accepted the goods of yon sinful man, so you must share his punishments.’ The angel answered and said: ‘Not through worldly greed did Fursa receive yon man's property, but in order to save his soul.’ And thus the fire abated. And the angel went beside Fursa and said: ‘The fire which thou hast kindled is what has burnt thee, for hadst thou not received something by favour of yon sinful man the reproach of his sin would not


have fallen npon thee.’ And after that the angel was instructing him as to what was proper for him to do in the case of men who repent at their death.