Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Life of Fursa (Author: [unknown])

section 8

Then the fires grew and greatened, and they met so that (one) vast fire would be made of them. Now when Fursa drew nigh to the fires, fear seized him and he said to the angel: ‘Lord’, says he, ‘behold the fire coming towards us!’ Then the angel answered: and this he said: ‘Since it was not thou that has kindled them, thou wilt not be burnt in them; for though great and fearful is yon fire, it will not burn anyone save according to his merits; for every one's concupiscence’, saith he, ‘is that which burns him in yonder fire. For every one who is burnt in his body by unlawful desire, and hurts himself, after the separation of his body from his soul is burnt there by the punishment which he deserves.’