Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Life of Fursa (Author: [unknown])

section 2

Then tribulation and bodily weakness attacked him, and through his well-deservingness he was deemed worthy to behold the angels of heaven before him; and he saw a vision there; and this is the vision (wherein) he was admonished to be an incitement in teaching the word of God, inasmuch as he was certain to find death, and it was not known when he would find it, as Christ said: ‘Watch, for ye know not the day or the hour in which a hand will be laid upon you.’ And because of that vision he made haste and speed to build his monastery and to set it in order with regular disciplines. It was indeed a beautiful monastery there, built on the edge of the woods and the sea in a certain camp, and this was its name in English, Cnobheresburg11 i. e. a town named Cnobheri; and afterwards


Anna12, the king of that province, and thc other noble folk who dwelt in that town, added to it afterwards.