Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Life of St Féchín of Fore (Author: [unknown])

section 41

At another time Féchín was at Fore, and he heard that the king of Leinster had seized a hostage who was under Féchín's protection. Féchín went with his monks to ask for the hostage, and one of the two horses that were under his chariot died. Said Féchín: ‘There is a horse in this riverpool to the west, and I permit him to come under my chariot.’ The water-horse came to them and was harnessed to the chariot, and it was tamer and gentler than any other horse. And Féchín goes to the Fair of Carman47, where were the kingfolk of Leinster including their king, Ailill son of Dunlang.48 He asked Ailill for the hostage who was under his safeguard. The king replied that he would not deliver him unless he got the horse that was under Féchín's chariot, and Féchín said that he would not give the horse. The king goes to partake of the feast that was laid before him. Féchín follows him. The king told the doorkeeper not to let Féchín in, and to shew disobedience


to him. The angel said to Féchín: ‘I will open the lock of the heavenly kingdom and of the fortress before thee.’ The angel goes before Féchín to the fortress. Then there came a great earthquake, so that the whole city was made to tremble, and the bonds of the captives in the fortress were broken. Féchín comes with his hostages out on the green49, and he ‘left leavings’ on the fort of Naas (namely) every hostage therein to be kept without escaping: for neither locks nor gyves remain upon them. When Féchín went out to the place wherein is Fechin's Cross, before the fortress, then the king died in the house after him. And the dead king was taken to Féchín. And Féchín brought the king of Leinster from death to life.50