Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Life of St Féchín of Fore (Author: [unknown])

section 38

Then the queen goes with Féchín to the guest-house, wherein the leper was biding; and the saint leaves the queen along with the leper. And the leper desired the queen to suck his nose, and the queen sucked the leper's nose, and the matter sucked from the nose was put on a fair linen cloth, and a chain of gold was made of that matter. And he told the queen that she would get every thing that Féchín had promised her. And on the morrow Féchín went to the house, and beheld a fiery bolt42 rising from the roof of the house till it reached heaven. Then Féchín understood that it was Jesus who had come in a leper's form to test his charity and his goodness. And Féchín asked the queen for tidings of the leper, and she told him that it was Jesus who had been there, and that He had left His blessing with Féchín and his community. And she gave Féchín the crozier which had been left with her, and she gave him the mucus which had become the material of the golden chain. And with that gold Féchín bought much land for the church. And God's name and Féchín's were magnified thereby.43