Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Life of St Féchín of Fore (Author: [unknown])

section 27

After Féchín had come to his final days, the angel revealed to him the appointed time of his death. His monks and his disciples were summoned to him, and he began teaching them, and told them to follow the rule of the patriarchs and the apostles, and that they should battle with body and soul against their enemies, the Devil and the World and the Flesh. Then Féchín received Communion and Sacrifice from Mo-Chaemóc's hand, and sent his spirit to heaven. And at the same hour Mo-Chua despatched his messenger to look westward to know whether he could see the sign or token which Féchín had promised to him. And the messenger beheld a huge column, in the likeness of the colours of the rainbow, stretching from Féchín's monastery up to heaven. Back comes the messenger to Mo-Chua and tells him all he had seen. ‘It is true’, says Mo-Chua: ‘that is the sign which Féchín promised to me.’ And Mo-Chua partakes of Communion and Sacrifice, and instructs his monks and his disciples, and sends his spirit along with Féchín to heaven,31 wherein there is the one triadic (?) God of the three Persons, to wit Father and Son and Holy Ghost, for ever and ever, amen.