Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Life of St Féchín of Fore (Author: [unknown])

section 21

Once upon a time Blathmac26 son of Aed Sláine seized three hostages who were under Féchín's protection. Féchín goes to demand the hostages from Blathmac, and he obtained them not. Féchín cursed the fortress which is called Inis Calgaig, and a fiery bolt came out of the air so that the fortress, with all its goods, burst into flame, and Blathmac goes fleeing


the fire, and he was not the better, for the fire burnt him terribly. He sends messengers to all the leeches of Ireland to help him, and it was no profit to them, for none of them were able to cure him. He sends to summon Féchín. So Féchín came to him, and Blathmac threw himself on his knees to Féchín, and restored his hostages, and gave him his own absolute ownership with all his goods. And Féchín blessed Blathmac, and he became whole afterwards. And God's name and Féchín's were magnified thereby.