Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Life of St Féchín of Fore (Author: [unknown])

section 17

That is the hour and time at which the angel appeared to Féchín in his sleep and said to him: ‘The inhabitants of the island named Imaid23, and the rest of the people of that country, are in darkness as to the divine law; and get thee to preach to them. For God hath granted to thee their tribute and their due, and it is thou who shall be unto them a lord and counsellor and bush of protection and judge of doom.’ At the angel's command Féchín goes into the west of Connaught to Imaid, and he blessed it, and built a cloister therein, and brought those tribes under a yoke of belief and piety, and baptised them in a well which brake forth for him from the ground through the miracles of God and the powers of


Féchín. And God's name and Féchín's were magnified therein. And (a poet) uttered the lay:
Féchín came into his own country, etc.