Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Life of St Féchín of Fore (Author: [unknown])

section 14

A cleric whose name was Ronán son of Guaire had been suffering from a disease in his head, and he visited the leeches of Ireland in order to be cured, and he got no health from them. Thereafter he goes, in search of his cure, throughout the world, and he visited many of the countries of the world, and was no whit the better. And in Britain he met a holy hermit, who said to him: ‘In a glen in the midst of Ireland is the man who will cure thee, and (his) monastery is on the northern side of the lake which lies in that place.’ When Ronán heard that he goes back to Ireland, and he understood that it was Féchín who would heal him. And Ronán


came where Féchín dwelt, and Féchín gave him forgiveness of his sins, and he was every whit whole afterwards. And (a poet) uttered the lay:
Came (one) day Sillenius, etc.