Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Life of St Féchín of Fore (Author: [unknown])

section 3

For a chief prophet of heaven and earth, even Colombcille, after coming from Finnén's monastery8 to the place called Fabar9, predicted him a long time before10, and Colombcille beheld the ministration of the angels above that glen, and greatly did he rejoice at the ministration of the angels. And Colombcille left that place after he knew that not unto him was it granted (by God). And when the lord of that land, even Sellán11, heard that Colombcille had gone past him, he


followed the saint to offer himself and his place unto him. And after Colombcille knew this he waited for Sellán. When Sellán came up to the saint he flung himself on his knees, and bowed down to Colombcille's feet, and offered himself and his place unto him. And Colombcille said: ‘Offer not this place to me,’ saith he; ‘for a son of bright eternal Life, even Féchín, will come and build a place in thy neighbourhood, on the east of us, and unto him it behoves thee to offer thyself and thy place.’ And after that Sellán saw a fiery pillar of vast size, from earth to heaven, standing up in the glen aforesaid. And he beheld a multitude of radiant birds filling the glen from heaven to earth.