Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Metrical Dindshenchas (Author: [unknown])

poem/story 123


¶1] This hill was known as great Druim Elga, until the days of ireful heather-brown Fingen: here came Rothniam from the populous Sidhe to meet Fingen, tall and fair.

¶2] Every Samhain-tide would the queen and the princely youth come hither; they would part from their attendants till daylight and chant an ever-doleful song.

¶3] Thenceforth the son of Luchta was assured, as omens portended, that she would tell him by word of mouth that he should rule over the fair surface of Banba.

¶4] The dazzling Rothniam used to say that he should make tryst with Fotla of Fal: she set forth to him severally the wonders of Banba's bright surface.


¶5] This was the smooth alliance of which comes the appropriate name Druim Fingin, famed for wild weather, in the time that Fingen lived.

¶6] Here was held the famous parley, the vigil to which Fingen came: here is the story whence was named Druim Elga, free of noted crime.