Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Metrical Dindshenchas (Author: [unknown])

poem/story 118


¶1] Cend Finichair, whence its name? Not hard to say. Finichair, son of Gollan son of Gainmedach, was judge and physician and [bard] to Find mac Cumaill, and grandson of Eochaid Fuath nAirt, and Find mac Cumaill [was his foster-father]. He gave his love to the wife of Cathnia congnaid, and Cathnia caught them in the deed of lust, and they slew each other, and Cathnia laid Finichair's head on yonder mountain, and hence the mountain has its name. Murenn mór-ainech, daughter of Eochaid Find Fuath nAirt, was his mother, and Tuirenn of Tamnaige his wife, and they died of grief for him. Fifty years was his age, and fifty feet his stature, and


fifty lads he taught, and there were fifty warriors in his keep, and fifty women and fifty hounds at his fireside. Hence Find chanted Inmain in fáid, etc.
    1. Dear was the prophet Finichair: he was the advocate revered and beloved of him. that shone bright, that cried not in panic, the swift one of Lifechair.
    2. Liegeman to heroic Cormac was that lusty sapling, ever fearless, a judge clear-tongued, well-grounded, Find's wise physician, practised in poetry.
    3. In Cabra was his abode; in earth his last bed: fifty feet of earth, affliction without love.
    4. Cathnia, upholder of battle, slew him (his
      was made of yew) in jealousy for his yellow-haired wife, and lust unloved.
    5. Destruction fell on those twain through their lust; its might summoned them: it was an ill deed that brought sorrow on Mag Breg; death took them without love.
    6. My friend was an upholder of battle, his wrath was implacable: Finichair
      prophet, a man of much fame, well-loved.
    7. I am Find, the high prince, no soft-hearted coward; to no man on earth have I given such affection nor such love.

    8. p.323

    9. Gollan's son, free from dishonour, met onslaught in
      : he was the stainless forest-tree of Bregmag, heart of poets in love.
    10. Finichair, the oaken bough, dealt out death without pause, to the brave man who slew him an alms-gift unloved.
    11. One that is not in my sight I am powerless to call back: a loveless summons hath borne away the seer-judge of Almu,
    12. The son of Muirenn of Clann Morna, husband of faint-hearted Tuirenn, the high judge unperplexed, the bard of Almu well-loved,
    13. The son of Gollan son of Gainmedach, bright of mirth, lord of much wealth: alas for the sickness that laid him low; an enviable blessing is his love.
    14. Find Fuath nAirt was his ancestor; he gained many treasures of knowledge; till this day I have not published nor boasted of his love.
    15. Fifty soldiers yellow-maned stood round the king, not unhonoured; fifty women continually, fifty hounds beloved,
    16. Fifty lads he trained for hunting and for racing, fifty pure of woman's longing, well-loved in his life-time.

    17. p.325

    18. Two hundred warriors he defied and daunted their despite; he laid them under oaken bonds of death, in a dwelling unloved.