Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Metrical Dindshenchas (Author: [unknown])

poem/story 114



¶1] Ask of me if ye desire to learn knowledge—happy meeting! unwearied is he that offers it, between Liamain and martial Mairg.

¶2] Four sons had slender Setna: of them was Nuadu Necht, noble and strong, Mess Delmond, Oengus Ochach, and Ugen aurgnaid of manifold beauty.

¶3] Six sons had blameless Ugen, who was eager-willed for every exploit; they bathed their blades abundantly, they built raths and great fortresses.

¶4] Ladru, Noe, Finteng of the feats, Luad cúar, and Alb skilled in devices: and Masc, the sixth and eldest, won fame from every family.

¶5] Ladru of the blades found rest at Ard Ladrann of the dangerous waters, Finteng slept above Muadall of the combats in Crich Cualann.

¶6] Noe in the west of Rechet unbetrayed found a covering of good soil: Masc, mightiest with spear, in his impregnable stronghold dwelled undespoiled.

¶7] I have heard of an habitation in the eastern country held by Noe, son of Ugen aurgnaid, Rath Nui in the lands of Ui Garrchon: evil was its origin, brutish the deed of lust.

¶8] Childless were his offspring, vigorous of limb: they were deedful over the faces of foemen: the king that ruled over chieftains destroyed them all four, save Ucha.


¶9] Luad dwelled at Dun Cuar, note it well! with retinue and royal state: Alb gained no light regard for the legend he left to Albine.

¶10] The offspring of Ugen, rich in martial heroes, were trusty men of the prosperous plain: no seed of strangers are our champions! I am learned in what ye ask.