Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Metrical Dindshenchas (Author: [unknown])

poem/story 98


¶1] Uaig Buana, whence the name? Not hard to say. Buan, daughter of Samer, came following Cuchulainn, when the three heroes, Loegaire, Conall, and Cuchulainn, went to contend for the Champion's Share. They could not get a verdict at Emain Macha, so they came to Cruachan for judgement. This also failed them, but the case was referred to Samer of Ess Ruaid. He then gave them a decision, and they departed in peace. One of them, Loegaire, went over Ess Ruaid; another, Conall, crossed Snam Rathainn, and there his charioteer Rathann died at Lia Rathainn. Samer's daughter came on the spoor of the three chariots. She knew the trace of Cuchulainn's wheels, for it was no narrow track that he left. He would uproot walls and lay them flat, and leap from hill to hill. Buan leapt a dreadful leap after him, and struck her forehead against the rock that stopped the chariot. And hence Uaig Buana has its name.